Surface finishing and mechanical machining

Making leverage on its extensive experience and highly qualified staff, MicroMax is able to solve the widest range of surface finishing problems on aluminium and magnesium, including:
  • Drilling, tapping, threading
  • Fettling, taping, brushing (with operator)
  • Tumbling, vibration polishing, polishing,
  • Sanding
To achieve the highest quality standards at competitive prices MicroMax can count on:
  • Pillar drills of varying sizes
  • Pillar tapping machines
  • Belt fettling machines
  • Belt sanders 1000x1150
  • Sanders with loading frame
  • Special operating machines
  • Scroll tumblers 700-1000 litres
  • Hot air drying tunnels and circular maize grit drying tunnels
  • Alvin Robot
Our newly purchased belt sanders and loading frame sanders are extremely efficient in their flexible programming, which can be adapted to each single need.